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Response Styles and 16 PF High Order Factors

Stricker, Lawrence J.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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National Institute of Mental Health, Correlation, Factor Analysis, Personality Studies, Psychological Characteristics, Response Style (Tests)


This study's aim was to explore the relationship of acquiescence social desirability (SD), and defensiveness response styles with first, second, and any higher order factors on the 16 PF. All the various kinds of response bias indexes were appreciably correlated with the first order factor scales. Each kind of response style measure predominantly loaded a different second order factor - four such factors were extracted, three of them corresponding to well established 16 PF second order factors. SD scales defined a novel factor somewhat resembling an anxiety factor, and acquiescence and defensiveness measure, loaded by did not define independence and anxiety factors, respectively. None of the various kinds of response style indexes consistently loaded an extroversion factor. And none loaded the single third order factor obtained. This factor was not similar to previously reported 16 PF third order factors and its nature was unclear. (Author) (31pp.)

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