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Content Validity of Job Sample Measures

Campbell, Joel T.; Crooks, Lois A.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Simulation, Test Construction, Validity, Work Sample Tests


Two approaches to development of content validity in work sample measures are presented by example. The first approach involves the selection as a work sample of several representative tasks commonly performed by job incumbents (cartographic technicians). The second approach involves simulation of the overall job, in which a mix of realistic but fictitious problems usually encountered on the job (inventory management specialist) are presented for action under job-like conditions. In both cases the steps taken to assure content validity in the development of the work samples are 1) thorough analysis of the job at firsthand by trained researchers; 2) sampling of actual tasks performed and problems encountered on the job; 3) development of measures simulating important aspects of the real-life situation; 4) documentation at all stages of development to establish the relationship of job performance factors to the ultimate work sample criterion measure and the way performance on such a measure is evaluated.

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