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An Evaluation of the Multivariate Methodology of the Project

Harman, Harry E.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Cognitive Tests, Concept Attainment Abilities Project, Concept Formation, Factor Analysis, Research Methodology, Statistical Analysis, Test Construction


Presented at a symposium on "The Structure of Concept Attainment Abilities Project: Final Report and Critique," this paper provides the methodological aspects of the project. The discussion centers around a "Guide to the Multivariate Methods," which is provided in the paper. The basic guide-posts are the types of analysis and the types of content. The latter include concept attainment by subject matter field or combined, and cognitive abilities, or both. The three factor analytic techniques used to examine the data and obtain derived factor solutions. The next major phase of the analysis, the construction of 56 cognitive tests for the 1970 study, the factor analysis of these tests, and the reduced battery for use in the 1971 testing, is briefly noted. The most important part of the project--the study of relationships between the concept attainment measures and the cognitive abilities measures--is then described. The interbattery approach of Tucker, used to determine if there were factors common to the battery of cognitive abilities tests and the battery of concept attainment measures, is discussed.

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