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VARAN2: A Linear Model Variance Analysis Program. Second Edition ANOVA

Hall, Charles E.; Kornhauser, Katherine; Thayer, Dorothy T.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Computer Software, Factor Analysis, Guides, Linear Programming, Mathematical Models, Statistical Analysis, VARAN


The VARAN (Variance Analysis) program is an addition to a series of computer programs for multivariate analysis of variance. The development of VARAN exploits the full linear mode. Analysis of variance, univariate and multivariate, is the program's main target. Correlation analysis of all types is available with printout in the vernacular of correlation. The hybrid of these, homogeneity of regression, has been added with as much flexibility as can be currently mustered. In addition to these, VARAN includes several styles of factor and component analysis complete with tests of factorization and rotation techniques. This research memorandum is the manual for the second edition of VARAN, an enlargement of the first edition. The mainstream of the program is essentially unchanged but several additions have been made and three small programming errors have been corrected. The most extensive addition has been in serial correlation analysis.

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