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The Validity of a Measure of "Academic Motivation" for Forecasting Freshman Achievement at Seven Liberal Arts Colleges SAT PVI

Wilson, Kenneth M.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Admission Criteria, Aptitude Tests, College Freshmen, Grades (Scholastic), Motivation, Personal Values Inventory, Predictive Measurement, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Validity Studies


Seven liberal arts colleges participated in exploratory studies designed to determine the predictive value vis-a'-vis freshman grades of scores from a 208-item, self-report inventory (the Personal Values Inventory or PVI), developed by George E. Schlesser and John A. Finger to yield scores that are relatively independent of traditional measures of scholastic aptitude but at the same time related to academic performance in schools and colleges. Scores from several PVI scales, particularly that labelled Persistence, were moderately correlated with Freshman Average Grade in every college. The PVI scalescores studied were relatively independent of SAT scores. Predictions of Freshman Average Grade based on a battery which included PVI scale-scores along with four acamdic predictors (SAT-V, SAT-M, class rank, and the average of CB Achievement scores) were more closely related to Freshman Grades than predictions based only on the four academic predictors. (23pp.)

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