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Visual Asymmetry in the Perception of Faces and Field Independence USPHS

Cox, Patricia W.; Ehrlichman, Howard; Oltman, Philip K.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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United States Public Health Service (USPHS), Articulation of Body Concept Test, Cognitive Style, College Students, Embedded Figures Test, Field Dependence Independence, Males, Rod and Frame Test, Visual Perception, Witkin, Herman A.


In a sample of 28 college males, it was found that the degree of lateral specialization of a right-hemispere function, the perception of faces, showed a correlation of .45 (p < .01) with extent of field independent performance, as assessed by a composite score based on the Embedded-Figures Test, the Rod-and-Frame Test, and ratings on the Articulation-of-BodyCon Scale. In a second study with 16 female and 10 male college subjects using the Group Embedded-Figures Test, field independent subjects again showed greater lateralization of face perception (r = .43, p < .05). Based on Witkin's view of field independence as a manifestation of psychological differentiation, possible links between extent of differentiation at the psychological and neurophysiological levels are suggested. (14pp.)

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