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A Test-Free Approach to Prediction for Guidance CGP

Chapman, Warren; Norris, Lila
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Comparative Guidance and Placement Program (CGP), Guidance, Predictor Variables, Self Evaluation (Individuals), Two Year College Students, Validity Studies


Validities derived from test-free variables were obtained for final grades in ten community college courses. The variables included self-reports of high school performance, self-ratings on four factors presumably related to good grades, and informed self-estimates of future performance in a course. Validities for the same students were also obtained using the Comparative Guidance and Placement test battery and the results compared. For five of the courses the non-test validities were as high as or higher than the test validities, and in the other five the differences were modest. These findings suggest that non-test approaches to prediction are satisfactory alternatives to tests, at least for purposes of guidance. They also suggest that courses hard to predict through tests may be predictable with nontest methods. Benefits of a test-free program to the college, students, and faculty are discussed. (17pp.)

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