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Comparing High Schools With Respect to Student Performance in University

Rubin, Donald B.; Stroud, Thomas W. F.
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ETS Research Bulletin
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Academic Achievement, Grades (Scholastic), High School Graduates, Prediction


This report presents data analyses investigating the relationship of high school final average, X, and first year university average, Y, in a Canadian university. The statistical summaries are (1) a matrix of observed "relative grading standards" of each high school in each matriculation year, and (2) a quadratic regression relating Y to X in each year. These summaries suggest that (l) the grading standards for some of the schools are changing consistently in time, and (2) the general relationship between Y and X is becoming more quadratic and less linear in time. The implication is that the high school attended is a more important predictor of university performance for students with poorer high school records than for students with better high school records, especially in recent years. (20pp.)

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