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Group Comparisons for Basic Skills Measures EPT SAT TSWE

Breland, Hunter M.; Griswold, Philip A.
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ETS Research Report
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Basic Skills Assessment, Comparative Analysis, English Placement Test (EPT), SAT, Test Bias, Test Validity, Test of Standard Written English (TSWE)


Correlation, regression, and score interval analyses were conducted for academic tests including the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Test of Standard Written English (TSWE), and four subtests of the English Placement Test (EPT) for six different groups. The groups were men, women, Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White. The use of grade point average or individual course grades was avoided because these are subjective, often biased, measures. The EPT-Essay score based on a forty-five minute writing sample was considered a good standard for comparing other basic skills measures available. The measures were evaluated as predictors of essay writing and overall performance. The correlational comparisons showed few differences across groups, except that correlations tended to be lower for the White sample because of variance restrictions. The regression comparisons agreed with previous studies showing Blacks and Hispanics to be generally overpredicted. False negatives, those people who score low on a predictor but who excel on a criterion, occurred least in the Black and Hispanic groups. (Author/DWH). (33pp.)

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