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Analysis of CICS Response Time

Braun, Henry I.; Szatrowski, Ted H.
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ETS Research Report
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CICS, Databases, Information Systems, Reaction Time, Systems Analysis


A small sample of the IBM CICS system performance data routinely collected by the ETS performance management group was analyzed using regression techniques. Preliminary studies indicated that control records based on ten minute intervals obscured the relationship of interest, so a new data base consisting of constructed one minute control records was built. A model was then developed which accurately predicted the improvement that would be obtained with a change in the hardware configuration. The model is quite parsimonious, requiring one or two transaction variables and only one systemcontrol variable, the total number of page-ins in the one minute interval. The methodology seems general enough to apply in other situations to aid in determining system bottlenecks and the consequences of their removal. (15pp.)

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