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An Examination of State University and College Admissions Policies

Breland, Hunter M.; Blew, Edwin O.; Stiebritz, Ingeborg
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ETS Research Report
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Admission Criteria, College Admission, Educational Policy, Higher Education, Selective Admission


In recent years a number of state agencies and individual institutions have increased the requirements for admission to state universities and colleges. In this review of state and individual admissions policies, Breland identified five separate admissions models employing high school grades and test scores as selection measures. Using College Board tapes, the impact of each of these models on Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites was assessed. All of the models had differential impacts on the subpopulations of interest (i.e., the subgroup being less likely to be admitted). Differential impact was found to be dependent in part on selectivity. It was diminished by setting very low qualifying minimums. Single index models using test scores had the greatest differential impact, while single index models using high school rank or grades, either or models, sliding scales, and predicted performance models had less differential impact.

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