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The Two-Predictor Validity Curve SAT

Dorans, Neil J.; Kulick, Edward
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ETS Research Report
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Graphs, Predictive Measurement, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Test Validity


A visual display known as the two-predictor validity curve is introduced. Derivations are presented for the general case. Then, for illustrative purposes the two predictors are taken to be SAT-V (V) and SAT-M (M), and the criterion of interest is the first year college grade point average (FYA). The two-predictor validity curve, in this case SAT V&M, allows one to assess the relative importance of SAT-V in relation to SAT-M for predicting the criterion of interest. When several V&M curves are placed on a single page, comparisons across gender can be made and trends across time can also be studied. Several illustrations using SAT data are presented. (20pp.)

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