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A Bayesian Treatment of Latent Variables in Sample Surveys IRT

Mislevy, Robert J.
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ETS Research Report
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Bayesian Statistics, Finite Populations, Item Response Theory (IRT), Multiple Imputations, Statistical Analysis, Surveys


Consider the problem of estimating a function T = T(z,y) of values of the variables z and y in a finite population, when values of y are known a priori for all units but values of z are not known for any. Data are then obtained from a sample of units, not in the form of values of z, however, but in the form of secondary variables x whose values depend stochastically on z. A framework for Bayesian analysis to T along the lines of Ericson (1969) is presented and illustrated with data from the Profile of American Youth (U.S. Department of Defense, 1982). (50pp.)

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