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The Feasibility of Rescaling Test Scores of Handicapped Examinees GRE SAT

Powers, Donald E.; Willingham, Warren W.
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ETS Research Report
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College Board, Graduate Record Examinations Board, Disabilities, Equated Scores, Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), Scaling, Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Test Bias


A number of testing programs offer handicapped examinees the opportunities to take admissions tests under nonstandard conditions. Typically, the test scores based on these nonstandard administrations have been flagged to indicate to test users that the scores may not be comparable to those from standard administrations. In order to avoid thus identifying handicapped applicants, a panel established by the National Academy of Sciences suggested the possibility of rescaling the scores of handicapped students to make grade predictions comparable for handicapped and nonhandicapped students. This report examines this possibility and concludes that the approach is not feasible technically and furthermore that it would also have a number of potentially serious undesirable side effects. (20pp.)

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