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Analysis of the Revised Student Descriptive Questionnaire: Phase II. Predictive Validity of Academic Self-Report SDQ

Freeberg, Norman E.; Rock, Donald A.; Pollack, Judith.
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ETS Research Report
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College Board, Predictive Validity, Questionnaires, Student Characteristics, Student Descriptive Questionnaire (SDQ), Validity Studies


This study examines the adequacy of the revised SDQ in terms of the predictive validity of its student academic self-report information against a criterion of first- year college achievement (GPA). Findings indicate that the validities are consonant with earlier study results using the original version of the SDQ, as well as with other similar self-report instruments used with college applicants. This was evident in overall magnitudes of the validities obtained, the precision of prediction in multiple regression equations, and in differences between validities for school-reported and student-reported high school academic achievement (as GPA and class rank). Multiple regression correlations and their associated regression weights were used to contrast validities for school- and student-reported prediction models. These results indicated slight but consistent superiority for the school-reported information. (20pp.)

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