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RESGEN Item Response Generator IRT RESGEN

Muraki, Eiji
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ETS Research Report
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Computer Software, Item Response Models, Item Response Theory (IRT), RESGEN, Simulation


RESGEN is a computer program designed to generate simulated latent trait distributions and then dichotomous or polytomous item responses based on Item Response Models. The latent trait distributions can be univariate or multivariate normal, log-normal, uniform, or gamma. The Item Response Models utilized in this program may have characteristics from one or more of the following: 1) One-, Two-, or Three-Parameter Model; 2) Logistic or Normal Ogive Model; 3) Unidimensional or Multidimensional Model; 4) Dichotomous or Polytomous Model; 5) Graded Response or Partial Credit Model. The RESGEN program is also capable of simulating realistic testing situations by employing multiple matrix sampling designs including multiple blocks, multiple subtests (booklets), multiple groups, multiple latent trait dimensions, and multiple sampling units. (58pp.)

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