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Response Latency Measures for the Armed Services Adaptability Profile

Alderton, David L.; Stricker, Lawrence J.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Armed Services Applicant Profile, Military Personnel, Personality Measures, Reaction Time, Test Reliability, Test Validity


The purpose of this study was to determine whether findings about the connection between item latencies and item instability can be used to improve an inventory's validity. More specifically, the goal was to assess whether weighting item scores on their latencies improves the predictive validity of the inventory's total score. 120 items from the Armed Services Applicant Profile (ASAP), a biographical inventory designed to predict the adjustment of enlisted personnel to military service, were computer administered to Navy recruits ( all men), and the subjects' response choices and response latencies were recorded. The regular ASAP score (the sum of the regular item scores) and three kinds of latency-based ASAP scores were secured. Results show that the latency-based ASAP measures did not improve the biographical inventory's predictive validity when used instead of or in addition to the conventional ASAP score. However, there were strong indications that using this data in developing an inventory may enhance validity indirectly and thereby accomplish the same goal.

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