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Combining Multiple-Choice and Constructed Response Test Scores: Toward a Marxist Theory of Test Construction

Wainer, Howard; Thissen, David
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Report Number:
RR-92-23, PSRTR-92-23
ETS Research Report
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Subject/Key Words:
Constructed-Response Tests, Multiple-Choice Tests, Test Construction, Test Format, Test Reliability, Test Validity, Weighted Scores


Future assessment instruments will probably be composed of a combination of different types of questions. Even though different kinds of questions require different scoring procedures, there may be a need, for some purposes, to have those different scores combined as a composite. In this account we describe how mixtures of such scores might be efficaciously combined. Or, if no post hoc adjustment is desired, we provide two characterizations of measurement effectiveness to aid in making unadjusted score combinations efficient. (15pp.)

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