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The Dimensionality of Responses to SAT Analogy Items

Diones, Ruth; Bejar, Isaac I.; Chaffin, Roger
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ETS Research Report
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Analogies, Factor Analysis, Responses, Scholastic Assessment Test


This study continued the research on analogy problem- solving on psychometric tests pursued by Bejar, Chaffin, and Embretson (1991). In specific, characteristics of a semantic taxonomy and a cognitively and empirically motivated intentional/pragmatic (I/P) dichotomy were explored. There were two research questions: (a) Could the results of Bejar et al. be replicated with SAT items? and (b) Would factor analyses support the bidimensional processing structure suggested by the I/P distinction? A specially constructed test of disclosed SAT analogies was administered to a group of 189 undergraduate students. Though factor analyses did not support the expected bidimensionality, a better understanding of both the semantic taxonomy and the I/P dichotomy was achieved. Suggestions for future work were given.

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