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Linking Scores for Computer-Adaptive and Paper-and-Pencil Administrations of the SAT CAT PPT SAT

Lawrence, Ida M.; Feigenbaum, Miriam
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ETS Research Report
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Adaptive Testing, Comparative Analysis, Computer Assisted Testing, Paper and Pencil Tests (PPT), Scholastic Assessment Test, Scaling, Scores


In October 1996, a computer-adaptive version of the SAT® was administered in an operational setting for the first time. This version of the test, the Computerized SAT, was administered to students who are seeking placement into various talent search programs. Because many students seeking placement into talent search programs will take the paper-and-pencil (P&P) SAT I, and scores between the traditional P&P test and the Computerized SAT (CAT) will be treated as interchangeable, it was necessary to conduct a field trial to insure that reported scores for the two modes of testing were on the same scale. In addition, because students seeking placement into talent search programs are typically in the 7th- or 8th-grade and not part of the SAT I target population (i.e., high school juniors and seniors), it was necessary that the field trial use samples taken from the target population. The data collected in the field trial were used to investigate the relationship between CAT and P&P scores in the target population for the SAT I. An anchor test design was used to scale the scores from the CAT to scores on the P&P measure. In addition to providing scaling data for the CAT, this study provided an opportunity to gather information about examinees' perceptions of the test-taking experience in comparison to their experience with the paper-based version of the SAT I.

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