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Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments TRE

Bennett, Randy Elliot; Persky, Hilary R.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Assessment, Discovery Environment, Educational Testing, Problem Solving, Scientific Inquiry, Technology-Rich Environments (TRE)


This paper describes the Problem Solving in Technology-Rich Environments (TRE) study. The TRE study will produce a set of example modules to assess problem solving with technology, and use these to address research questions related to employing technology in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). The TRE modules are built around electronic information search and simulation (the latter of which is the focus of this report). Among other things, the modules are designed to incorporate incidental learning as a goal of good assessment, capture the multidimensional nature of problem solving in technology environments, take advantage of the unique capabilities of the computer, and disentangle component skills to describe student characteristics more meaningfully. In operational NAEP assessments, many such modules might be randomly spiraled among groups of students to provide evidence of problem solving with technology generally. Alternatively, a few such modules might be combined with a traditional subject-matter survey as a means of adding depth to the picture of what students know and can do.

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