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Validating LanguEdge Courseware Scores Against Faculty Ratings and Student Self-Assessments ESL

Powers, Donald E.; Roever, Carsten; Trapani, Catherine S.; Huff, Kristen L.
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ETS Research Report
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LanguEdge Courseware, English as a Second Language (ESL), Validation, Test Scores, Self-Assessment


Participants also completed a number of self-assessment questions about their English language skills. In addition, for some study participants, instructors rated selected language skills. LanguEdge test scores related moderately (correlations mostly in the .30s and .40s) with student self-assessments. Of the four LanguEdge tests, Listening exhibited the strongest relationships to self-assessments; Speaking, the next strongest; Reading, the next; and Writing, the least. The correlations of faculty ratings with each of the LanguEdge section test scores were generally in the .40s, with some reaching the .50s. The correlations between the various student self-assessment scales and faculty ratings were modest, mostly in the .30s. These correlations suggest that students and faculty had different perspectives on students' English language skills.

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