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Using Score Equity Assessment to Evaluate the Equitability of the Hardest Half of a Test to the Total Test DIF SEA

Dorans, Neil J.; Zeller, Karin
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ETS Research Report
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Differential Item Functioning (DIF), SAT, Score Bias, Score Equity Assessment (SEA)


Freedle proposed a solution to this bias, which involved using a half-test made up of the most difficult items culled from complete SAT examination. His claims, which garnered national attention, were based on serious errors in his analysis. In Dorans and Zeller (2004), we demonstrated that the effects Freedle reported are reduced substantially when the data are analyzed correctly. Here, we describe a sound way of assessing whether the current SAT scoring procedure is fair, and we examine what happens when we subject the Freedle’s hard half-test to a score-equity assessment.

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