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Testing the Untestable Assumptions of the Chain and Poststratification Equating Methods for the NEAT Design NEAT OSE CE PE

Holland, Paul W.; von Davier, Alina A.; Sinharay, Sandip; Han, Ning
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ETS Research Report
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Test Equating, Non-Equivalent-Groups Anchor Test (NEAT) Design, Observed-Score Equating (OSE), Chain Equating (CE), Poststratification Equating (PE)


However, given that both methods are justified by making untestable assumptions, it is difficult to conclude which, if either, of the two approaches is more correct. This study compares predictions from both the PSE and the CE assumptions that can be tested in a comparable way with the data from a special study. Results indicate that both CE and PSE make very similar predictions but that those of CE are slightly more accurate than those of PSE.

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