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Subpopulation Invariance of Equating Functions

Puhan, Gautam; Larkin, Kevin C.; Rupp, Stacie L.
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ETS Research Report
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Test Equating, Population Invariance, Pass Fail Grading, Teacher Certification, Ethnic Groups


Findings suggested lack of subgroup invariance in equatings for the first test form (Form X). Also, the Hispanic group equating was less invariant as compared to the non-Hispanic group equating. The second form of the test (Form Y) showed more subgroup invariance in equating. This difference may partly be attributed to the fact that Form Y had a much bigger sample size as compared to Form X and the difference in equating functions observed in Form X for the total group and the two subgroups may be due to sampling variability. Implications of these results on actual pass/fail rates are also presented and discussed.

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