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Comparison of Multistage Tests With Computerized Adaptive and Paper-and-Pencil Tests PPT CAT MST IRT

Rotou, Ourania; Patsula, Liane N.; Steffen, Manfred
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ETS Research Report
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Paper and Pencil Tests (PPT), Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), Multistage Testing (MST), Item Response Theory (IRT), Calibration, Reliability


This study investigates the measurement precision of MST compared to CAT and compared to P&P test for the one-, two-, and three-parameter logistic (1-, 2-, and 3PL) models when the test is completely set-based. Results showed that MST performed better for the 2- and 3PL models than an equivalent-length p&P test in terms of reliability and conditional standard of error of measurement. In addition, findings showed that MST performed better for the 1- and 2PL models than for an equivalent-length CAT test. For the 3PL model, MST and CAT performed about the same.

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