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Disclosure Risk in Educational Surveys: An Application to the National Assessment of Educational Progress NAEP

Oranje, Andreas; Freund, David S.; Lin, Mei-jang; Tang, Yuxin
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ETS Research Report
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National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Surveys, Confidentiality, Disclosure Risk


The method is applied to data from NAEP and impact is computed using proficiency averages, demographic proportions, statistical inference results, and loglinear models. Results show that the proposed perturbation method has very little impact on NAEP results, even at relatively large editing rates. Some data coarsening results are reported as well. While the univariate results are relatively unaffected from the coarsening, loglinear models from higher order contingency tables are affected. It is recommended to restrict disclosure limitation techniques to perturbation methods in the case of NAEP.

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