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Using Multilevel Analysis to Monitor Test Performance Across Administrations

Wei, Youhua; Qu, Yanxuan
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ETS Research Report
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Multilevel Analysis, Background, Test Performance, Quality Control, Prediction, Test Administrations


Based on the data of 330,091 examinees’ test scores and their background information collected from 254 administrations of an English-speaking test, the study found: (a) at the individual examinee level, examinees’ background had statistically significant relationships with their test performance, and the relationships varied across administrations; however, the prediction of individuals’ test scores based on their background variables was not strong, and (b) at the administration level, group composition had strong relationships with administration means; the prediction of administration means based on group composition variables was fairly strong.The results suggest that multilevel analysis has potential application in understanding and monitoring test performance across administrations by identifying statistical relationships between examinees’ characteristics and their test performance at both individual and administration levels.

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