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A Pilot Study of Holistic Assessment and Course Placement in Community College: Findings and Recommendations

Rikoon, Samuel H.; Liebtag, Travis; Olivera-Aguilar, Margarita; Robbins, Steven B.; Jackson, Teresa
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Developmental Education, SuccessNavigator, Course Placement, Community Colleges, Remedial Education, Acceleration (Education), Mathematics


Overall, students for whom SuccessNavigator recommended acceleration passed their mathematics courses at higher rates than those receiving a cautionary recommendation. This finding was true in particular in college level and credit-bearing courses. Substantial differences in passing rates were also observed across campuses between the two acceleration recommendation groups. Our results are supportive of using SuccessNavigator acceleration recommendations to inform mathematics course placement in community college samples. We also found the SuccessNavigator academic success index to be predictive of overall college grade point average (GPA). Institutional recommendations and study limitations are discussed.

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