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Taming Log Files From Game/Simulation-Based Assessments: Data Models and Data Analysis Tools GBA XML

Hao, Jiangang; Smith, Lawrence; Mislevy, Robert J.; von Davier, Alina A.; Bauer, Malcolm I.
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ETS Research Report
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Log Files, Data Processing, Simulation-Based Assessment, Game-Based Assessment (GBA), eXtensible Markup Language (XML), Data Analysis, SimCity


Extracting information efficiently from game/simulation-based assessment (G/SBA) logs requires two things: a well-structured log file and a set of analysis methods. In this report, we propose a generic data model specified as an extensible markup language (XML) schema for the log files of G/SBAs. We also propose a set of analysis methods for identifying useful information from the log files and implement the methods in a package in the Python programming language, glassPy. We demonstrate the data model and glassPy with logs from a game-based assessment, SimCityEDU.

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