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Linking Composite Scores: Effects of Anchor Test Length and Content Representativeness

Lin, Peng; Dorans, Neil J.; Weeks, Jonathan P.
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ETS Research Report
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Score Linking, Composite Scores, Anchor Test Length, Linear Equating Method, Levine Observed-Score Equating, Tucker Linear Equating (TLE), Chained Linear Equating, Population Invariance, Multidimensional Linking, Non-Equivalent-Groups Anchor Test (NEAT) Design


Specifically, the current study investigates the impact of content representativeness and length of anchor test on linking when the 2 tests are multidimensional and nonparallel in content structure. The NEAT design was employed. The linking results from 3 classic linear equating methods—Levine observed score, Tucker equating, and chained linear—were examined. The results from the study indicated that equating the tests with different structure should be avoided. For equatings with anchor test, additional bias is likely to be introduced by using an inadequate anchor test.

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