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Investigating Science Content Knowledge and Teaching Practices for Beginning Elementary School Teachers CKT

Martin-Raugh, Michelle; Mikeska, Jamie N.; Steinberg, Jonathan; Minsky, Jennifer
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Teacher Licensure, Praxis, Science Education, Science Teaching, Elementary School Teachers, Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT), Teaching Methods, Content Validity, Elementary Education


The purpose of this report is to explore the content-related validity evidence supporting the science component of the ETS PRAXIS Elementary Education: Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT) assessment, a teacher licensure assessment for prospective elementary school teachers. To establish the content knowledge required for the effective teaching of science in elementary school, we (a) identified content knowledge topics and practices through the use of a National Advisory Committee (NAC) and (b) surveyed a sample of 203 teachers and faculty members to verify that this body of content knowledge was judged by these groups indeed to be necessary and reasonable for the effective practice of beginning elementary school science teachers. We report information regarding the judgment of importance and relevance of science content knowledge areas, and the frequency with which science teaching practices are used. Implications of these findings for teaching science and for the science component of the assessment are discussed.

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