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Establishing Content Validity of High-Leverage Content Topics and Practices for Teaching Social Studies CKT

Martin-Raugh, Michelle; Steinberg, Jonathan; Reese, Clyde M.
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ETS Research Memorandum
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Teacher Licensure, Social Studies, Elementary School, Content Knowledge for Teaching (CKT), Content Validity, Praxis, Teacher Surveys


The accumulation of content validity evidence is critically important in constructing licensure assessments and evaluating claims based on their scores. The purpose of this study is to explore the validity evidence supporting social studies content knowledge topics and teaching practices assessed in a kindergarten through 6th grade teacher licensure assessment. We accumulated relevance, importance, and frequency judgments from experts on 24 content knowledge topics and 26 social studies teaching practices. We surveyed 109 practitioners to verify the necessity of these competencies for elementary school social studies teachers first entering the teaching profession. Overall, practitioners in our sample judged that the content knowledge topics and teaching practices assessed are important for a beginning elementary school social studies teacher’s ability to be an effective educator.

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