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A Learning Progression for Constructing and Interpreting Data Display CCSS

Kim, Eun Mi; Olah, Leslie Nabors; Peters, Stephanie
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ETS Research Report
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Display, Statistical Data, Learning Progression, Task Design, Statistics, Mathematics Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Classroom Instruction, Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Information Visualization, Graphs


K–12 students are expected to acquire competence in data display as part of developing statistical literacy. To support research, assessment design, and instruction, we developed a hypothesized learning progression (LP) using existing empirical literature in the fields of mathematics and statistics education. The data display LP posits a progression of student understanding and learning of data display in terms of two progress variables: constructing data displays and interpreting data displays. An initial data display LP was revised through expert review and then supported the design of a set of data display tasks to elicit evidence of student knowledge and skills in constructing and interpreting data display. The data display LP and tasks presented in this research report can inform assessment development as well as classroom instruction, and they can be used for further studies on potential interactions between the two progress variables in students’ development of data display knowledge.

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