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The SpeechRater® Service


Support learning with an advanced spoken-response scoring application

Developed by the experts behind the TOEFL® test, the SpeechRater® service uses advanced speech recognition and analysis technology to provide detailed feedback about a nonnative speaker’s English-speaking proficiency. It also provides faster scoring times compared to human raters.

The SpeechRater service is used in the TOEFL iBT® test, the most widely accepted English-language test in the world used by more than 11,500 universities in over 160 countries. It’s also used in the online course, TOEFL® Test Preparation: The Insider's Guide.

By measuring spontaneous speech the service provides a more valid indicator of the learner's ability in a target-language environment, since it’s similar to how they’ll communicate in academic and workplace environments.


How can the SpeechRater service help you?

SpeechRater uses a wide range of features to generate scores for spoken responses, making it a valuable addition for your learning platforms.

Get scores built on over a decade of data gathered by ETS experts in assessment innovation.

Since 2006, test takers preparing to take the TOEFL test have had their responses scored by the SpeechRater service as part of the TOEFL® Practice Online test, which has tasks similar to the real test.

Empower student growth with valuable feedback.

Evaluate critical markers like pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary and grammar to determine where learners are strong and where they need to grow.

Speed up scoring time while ensuring consistency.

Get faster, more consistent results compared with a human rater, saving you time and money while ensuring fairness across test takers.

Upgrade your assessment platform easily.

Integrate seamlessly with your existing platforms and learning programs.


At KMF we believe in providing our customers with the best possible tools to make rapid progress in their learning. In this connection, ETS’s SpeechRater enables us to help thousands of Chinese students to get accurate feedback on their speaking capacity.


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