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TOEFL® EssentialsTM Test

Expand your range of applicants with a testing option that has the quality, reliability and security you expect from a TOEFL test

Select any step to learn more about using TOEFL® EssentialsTM scores.


TOEFL Essentials Scores and Admissions

Learn how your program can accept TOEFL Essentials scores and expand your range of applicants. View information on how to communicate your score acceptance, set score requirements, get score reports and interpret scores.

Accepting Scores

You can accept both TOEFL iBT scores and TOEFL Essentials scores. Learn how to communicate your acceptance and get a score-user code.

Setting Score Requirements

Learn about the new score scale and get tips on how to set score requirements.

Score Reports

Receive scores through the TOEFL® Showcase™ to get an expanded view of an applicant’s performance, or via server feeds or by mail.

Interpreting scores

Performance descriptors illustrate the knowledge, skills and abilities expected by test takers at each score level.

Scoring guides (also known as rubrics) are used by trained raters to evaluate the Writing and Speaking responses.