TOEFL® Search Service Assessments


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Speaker: How do you find the best international students for your undergraduate, graduate, or English-language program? You can rack up frequent flyer miles and spend loads of money searching the world,or you can use the TOEFL® Search Service.

Speaker: The TOEFL Search Service is an easy-to-use, online tool that identifies students who have demonstrated a level of English-language skills that meet your criteria.

Speaker: It enhances your existing enrollment strategy by allowing you to create current, targeted contact lists of prospective students – to help you meet your international enrollment goals easily and within budget.

Speaker: With a database of more than one million prospects from over 180 countries, the TOEFL Search Service gives you the power to find the right students for your program.

Speaker: Multiple search criteria let you easily expand or refine your search. Search by country, TOEFL score band, field of study, anticipated enrollment date and more.

Speaker: You can run as many searches as you want for free. Just name them and save them. You don’t pay for anything until you’re ready to order.

Speaker: And ordering is easy! Just go to your saved searches, choose the search you want, click “Order” and you’re done! Your orders are usually available within two hours and no later than the next business day.

Speaker: Save time by setting up any order as a recurring order. Weekly, monthly - you specify the time frame. You’ll get the newest names in a flash.

Speaker: The TOEFL Search Service – bringing the world of international students to your fingertips!

Speaker: So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Speaker: Contact a TOEFL Search Service specialist at