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The TOEFL Primary® Tests

Learning English starts here

Designed for students ages 8+, the TOEFL Primary® tests allow you to measure your students' English communication skills to guide your teaching goals, monitor student progress and more.

The TOEFL Primary tests are in a format that is easy for the students to understand. Some exams are really difficult. When they are too long and tedious, students don’t want to do them anymore. The TOEFL tests are simple. They’re not complicated and they’re not too long.

Vivian Kahn Feldman

English-language Program Coordinator, Colegio Bilbao


Choose the tests that are the first step on your students’ path to reaching their full potential. Contact us to learn more or to order the tests for use in your program

Three (3) kids who are friends are laying on the floor in between bookshelves in the library. They are reading a book together. They are all smiling and enjoying their afternoon.