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TOEFL® Essentials™ Test

A convenient, friendly and trusted English-language test

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TOEFL Essentials Scores

Getting your scores

Test takers are able to view their unofficial Listening and Reading scores at the end of their test.

Official scores will be posted in their ETS account 5-6 days after their test date.

All score reports include MyBest® scores, which are the combination of the test taker’s highest section scores from all TOEFL Essentials test dates within the last 2 years.

See Scores on the test-taker website for more information.

Interpreting scores

Score scale

TOEFL Essentials scores are reported as bands.

  • Each Section Score: 1–12, reported in full bands
  • Overall Score: 1–12, reported in half bands (average of section scores)

View a sample TOEFL Essentials score report (PDF).

Scoring guides

The scoring guides (also known as rubrics) are used by trained raters to evaluate the Writing and Speaking responses.

Performance descriptors

Performance descriptors illustrate the knowledge, skills and abilities expected by test takers at each score level.

View the Performance Descriptors for the TOEFL Essentials Test (PDF)