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Personal Video Statement


Video duration: 1:15


SPEAKER: The "Personal Video Statement" gives you an opportunity to tell more about yourself, and show your unique personality beyond the scored parts of the test. Here's how it works. At the end of your test, you record a video of yourself speaking in English. You will respond to two questions for up to two minutes each. You can rerecord each question once if you need to.

The first question is always the same. What would you like to tell people about yourself? You can talk about what makes you unique, or your dreams and goals, or an incredible experience that shaped your life. Or just about anything that makes you you.

For the second question, you will have a choice of two topics. Select one, and give your opinion about it. Your response will show what you think about the topic, and how you respond to questions in English. Neither of your responses is scored, but practicing in advance can help you make a great impression. So, be ready to tell your unique story with a "Personal Video Statement."