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The GRE® Subject Tests

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GRE Subject Test Registration

The GRE Subject Tests are offered 2 weeks per month in September, October and April at computer-delivered centers worldwide. The tests can also be taken at home on certain dates during those 3 months. Review the following information carefully before registering.

Schedule Your Test

Already familiar with the policies and procedures and ready to register? Let’s get started!

Your ETS Account

Find out what you can do in your ETS account and watch videos about creating your account and registering to test.

At Home Testing

Interested in testing at home? Make sure your computer and testing room meet the equipment and environment requirements.

ID Requirements

ID requirements vary based on where you plan to test and your country of citizenship.


Find out how much it will cost to take a GRE Subject Test and see other test-related fees.

Disability accommodations

Learn how to submit your request for accommodations and register to test, and download the Bulletin Supplement for Test Takers with Disabilities and Health-Related Needs.

Registration information and policies

For an in-depth look at all of the GRE Subject Test registration policies and procedures, download the GRE® Information Bulletin. The Bulletin includes:

  • Registration Checklist — a list to help you familiarize yourself with the various policies, services and registration options
  • How to Register — information about how to register online through your ETS account or by mail
  • Canceling and Rescheduling — the policies related to canceling or rescheduling your test
  • Testing Arrangements — information about supplementary test centers for those who don’t live near enough to a test center, Monday testing for those whose religious convictions prevent Saturday testing, and standby testing

Registration forms and lists

Retaking a GRE Subject Test

You may take a Subject Test every 14 days. If your scores seem unusually low in comparison with other indicators of your preparedness for graduate studies, and you think they don’t reflect your true abilities, you may want to consider taking the test again.