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The TOEIC® Tests

Unlock global opportunities with business English-language proficiency

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About the TOEIC Program

The TOEIC program sets the global standard for workplace English-language communication assessments, with 14,000+ organizations across more than 160 countries trusting TOEIC scores to make decisions for business, educational institutions and government agencies.

The TOEIC tests offer a complete, accurate picture of English-language proficiency in all four communication skills — listening, reading, speaking and writing — and a range of skill levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Learn more about each test.


Order the TOEIC tests

Learn about ordering the TOEIC tests or contact your local EPN office to order now.

How the TOEIC Tests Meet Your Needs

Make informed decisions for recruiting, hiring and promoting employees, as well as enrolling, placing and graduation requirements in educational programs.

TOEIC Listening and Reading Test

Assesses intermediate to advanced English-language listening and reading skills needed in the workplace.

TOEIC Speaking and Writing Tests

Assess intermediate to advanced English-language speaking and writing proficiency needed in the workplace.

TOEIC Bridge® Tests

Measures English-language listening, reading, speaking and writing skills for beginner to intermediate learners, for everyday use.


The Propell® workshops are comprehensive professional development programs that help prepare your students for the TOEIC tests and success in the workplace.

Propell Workshops for Teachers



With the focus to make certain that the TOEIC test scores remain reliable, fair and meaningful over time, ETS R&D conducts studies and publishes a compilation of their work through a Research Compendium.

TOEIC Compendium of Studies: Volume III