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The TOEIC® Tests

Unlock your potential by providing proof of your English-communication skills

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On Test Day

Learn what to expect on the day of your TOEIC test. View what to bring, ID requirements and download the Examinee Handbook.


Examinee Handbooks

Before test day, review the Examinee Handbook for your test for information about test day policies, including ID requirements, test center procedures and dismissal from a test.


What to bring

You must bring two forms of valid identification (ID) with your name, signature and photograph. ID cannot be expired. For complete information on ID requirements, be sure to review the Examinee Handbook for your test.


Prohibited personal items

You’re not allowed to keep your personal belongings with you while taking the test. Personal belongings may be left in your car or a locker if one is provided at the test center. View a list of prohibited items in the Examinee Handbook.


Test security and test center procedures

Test security is very important to ETS. Test center staff must follow policies and procedures to ensure the test is administered fairly and securely. If you fail to follow the instructions of the test center staff, you won't be permitted to test, and your test fee won't be refunded. Any violation of security procedures during the test or during a break may result in dismissal from the test center and/or cancellation of your test scores. You can review all the security policies and procedures in the Examinee Handbook.