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The TOEIC® Tests

Unlock your potential by providing proof of your English-communication skills

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How the TOEIC Tests Benefit You

Advance your career in the global job market

English is the language of global opportunity. The TOEIC tests have helped many professionals advance their careers and take advantage of employment or educational opportunities around the world.

Your TOEIC scores can:

  • help you stand out and be recruited in a competitive market
  • demonstrate your ability to communicate globally with co-workers and clients
  • help you to obtain a job promotion within a company
  • prove your level of English-language proficiency for educational institutions

Fair and trusted scoring 

More than 14,000 organizations across 160 countries trust TOEIC scores to help inform the decisions that matter most. Through a secure testing and scoring process, ETS ensures that:

  • test scores remain fair and comparable
  • no test taker is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged
  • test questions based on real-life work situations provide an accurate evaluation of your ability to communicate in English

Test options to measure all four communication skills and a range of skill levels

The TOEIC program offers the following tests to measure your English-language proficiency:

  • TOEIC Listening and Reading test
  • TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests
  • TOEIC Bridge tests

You can take the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests together or separately. And, if you take them together with the TOEIC Listening and Reading test, you’ll get a complete measurement of all four English-language communication skills.

The TOEIC Bridge® tests also measure all four communication skills but are designed for beginner to intermediate learners. Choose the best option for your goals and skill level requirements.


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