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The TOEIC® Tests

Unlock global opportunities with business English-language proficiency

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Client Spotlight Stories

Read client success stories to learn how leading global organizations and industries use the TOEIC program to enable better performance results in their organizations.



Demonstrating English-Language Training Returns on Investment

Measures employees’ English proficiency improvements to evaluate and demonstrate the returns on investment in English-language training

Download (PDF)       File size: 2mb


Cultivating Global Business Leaders

Uses the TOEIC tests as a benchmark for training effectiveness and a tool for motivating employees to improve their English skills

Download (PDF)       File size: 507.5kb

Canon Inc.

Motivating a Global Workforce to Improve English Skills

Implemented in-house training opportunities to encourage employees to improve their English-language skills

Download (PDF)       File size: 763.9kb

Taisei Corporation

Building a More Globally Competitive Workforce

Strengthened their employees’ English proficiency to support their international expansion efforts

Download (PDF)       File size: 2.3mb

Chosun University

Raising Academic Competitiveness

Improved the English proficiency of its student body and select some of the best and brightest students for their coveted university scholarship and study-abroad programs

Download (PDF)       File size: 4.2mb

École de Guerre

Measuring English Training Effectiveness

Evaluated the effectiveness of their English training programs, designed to enable trainees to communicate among multinational counterparts and organizations

Download (PDF)       File size: 2.3mb

BRICS Summit Organizing Committee

Volunteer Placement for International Event

Efficiently assesses the language skills of hundreds of hospitality volunteers for the 2017 international event hosted in China

Download (PDF)       File size: 1.9mb

Banyan Tree Samui

Determining Language Needs for World-Class Luxury Service

Identified and improved their employee’s English communication skills

Download (PDF)       File size: 2.4mb

Air France

Recruiting with Higher Proficiency Standards

Recruited professionals with specific levels of English-language proficiency

Download (PDF)        File size: 673.9kb


Learn how the TOEIC tests benefit these industries by measuring employee’s English-language proficiency.

Energy industry

Energizing Success by Building a More Proficient Workforce

Download (PDF)       File size: 202.2kb

Banking and finance industry

The International Language of Finance

Download (PDF)       File size: 246.4kb


Automotive industry

Accelerating Success by Building a More Proficient Workforce

Download (PDF)       File size: 1.1mb

Travel and hospitality

The Language of Hospitality

Download (PDF)       File size: 573kb

Government and public organizations

The International Language of Commerce

Download (PDF)       File size: 1.4mb