Inspur: Developing English Skills to Support Global Strategy


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The trend of globalization is remarkable. More and more Chinese companies are seeking a larger international development stage, and language is an important bridge to this stage. As the most widely used language system in the world, English plays an extremely important role in the road to internationalization.

The TOEIC program is committed to providing enterprises with multi-dimensional English-management solutions. Establishing a corporate English system, improving the English level of employees, opening up an international perspective, and supporting the industry to accelerate the globalization on the road to globalization:

Inspur Group is one of the models.


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Inspur is the leading cloud computing and big data service provider in China covering cloud data center, cloud service, big data, smart city, smart enterprise and providing comprehensive solutions in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.


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Inspur has expanded business to over 117 countries and regions globally, and built 8 R&D centers, 6 manufacturers and 26 branch offices worldwide.

Talent supply plays a key role in Inspur's globalization plan.

Peter Huang, Vice President of Inspur Group President of Global Region: We need more and more talents with international background and good foreign language skills to join us. Since 2016, TOEIC has helped Inspur to achieve multi-dimensional language management solutions, from staff hiring and training and overseas assignments.

Voiceover: In order to develop talented personnel who can thrive when faced with global challenges, Inspur implemented measures to improve English communication ability.


[Short clips of employees studying independently and in classrooms, some with Cindy Su and Anna Lyalina teaching.]

Cindy Su, Inspur Group Vice Manager of HR Dept.: Inspur supports the employees to improve English skills by offering comprehensive language training programs that are aligned with preparation for TOEIC. Inspur recruit more than 1,000 new employees each year in campus recruitment program, to meet the needs of rapid business expansion and development.

In addition, a candidate with TOEIC score is preferred when recruiting new staff.


In order to better assist the international development of Inspur and the expansion of overseas business, we have taken a series of measures to improve the English level of our employees.

Carol Shao, IEI Vice Manager of HR Dept. Vice Manager of Inspur Systems: We have established a complete set of English standards for each position, so that everyone must have corresponding standards to follow.

Every year, we will cooperate with professional institutions to hold many TOEIC tests, which can not only test the level of employees’ ability but also can help to understand the overall English level of the company. We will take more measures to speed up Inspur to develop international markets.


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Having good English skill is beneficial to Inspur's globalization. Inspur managed to leverage the TOEIC scores to improve the English level of our employees and empower us to fluently communicate with our global customers, partners and employees.

Karen Wang, Inspur ORH Admin Manager: It is important for us to be able to assess whether the employees working on specific positions meet the language requirement of the company to improve the effectiveness of our international operations.

We are satisfied with the flexible and efficient service that TOEIC has offered. We believe that TOEIC will help us to improve our employees’ English level significantly, providing a solid foundation for our global strategy.

Anna Lyalina, IEI Overseas Tech. Consultant: Company also help the employee improve the English level, and complete their preparation classes. So, I would say these classes would play a key role to help employee understand their mistakes and be ready for the TOEIC exam.

Cindy Su: We choose TOEIC because it is one of the most popular English tests for business settings in the world, and we consider that the score is based on international standards.

The first advantage TOEIC offers is that we can easily evaluate the English level of the candidates and make classifications during recruitment. Secondly, we can use TOEIC as a tool, to motivate our staff to spend more time on self-development.

Voiceover: The TOEIC program helps enterprises to develop without borders, bringing unlimited possibilities to business.


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Inspur: Developing English Skills to Support Global