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TOEIC® Research

Advancing English-language assessment, teaching and learning

Select a topic below to learn more about the TOEIC® Research Program.


The TOEIC program is committed to advancing English-language teaching and learning and providing opportunities for learners worldwide. We are able to do this through the efforts of our research scientists, psychometricians and assessment experts who work to:

  • create and provide fair, accurate and meaningful English-language assessment for the workplace
  • drive innovation that advances English assessment, learning and teaching
  • assure that the TOEIC program meets global standards
  • provide content, methods and processes for evolving the TOEIC assessment
  • advance the field of English measurement

Research Topics

Score Consistency

TOEIC scores are consistent and not improperly influenced by factors unrelated to language ability.

Validity and Fairness

TOEIC test design and processes are rigorous, ensuring meaningful, fair score interpretations relevant to the real world.

Appropriate Test Use

TOEIC scores can be used to make fair and equitable decisions that reflect score users’ needs and priorities.

Positive Impact

The TOEIC program benefits test takers and score users and has a positive impact on English teaching and learning.

The Research Compendiums

Recent studies conducted by the ETS Research and Development group that ensure TOEIC and TOEIC Bridge® test scores remain consistent, reliable and meaningful are compiled here.

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