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The GRE® Tests

Set your students up for success

Select a resource below to learn more about how GRE® program can help you help your students.


GRE Test Preparation Modules for Student Workshops

These free GRE test preparation modules are for advisors and educators who conduct workshops with students.

Choose the module that best fits the amount of time you have to devote to test familiarization for the GRE General Test. Each module includes additional resources for students.

  • Module A is a presentation that provides a general overview of the GRE General Test and services. The presentation is available in video format that advisors can play for their students, or as a PDF and script PDF advisors can use in a presentation to their students. It can be given in less than an hour for a short workshop with students.
  • Module B is a set of five video presentations that provide more extensive test prep instruction for summer research and other types of programs.