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The GRE® Tests

Completing your view of applicant strengths

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GRE Scores

GRE scores are a proven measure of an applicant's readiness for graduate-level work and indicate their potential for success. Backed by extensive research and ETS's steadfast commitment to fairness, validity and security, the GRE General Test can help you get a more complete view of applicant strengths. 

GRE scores are used to make decisions that affect people's educational and career paths. In recognizing these high stakes, ETS provides score users with guidelines, interpretive data and resources to assist them in using scores appropriately in graduate admissions decision making.


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Join the thousands of schools worldwide that use GRE scores to complete their view of applicant strengths and build a diverse student body.

Receiving Scores

Learn about the convenient, free ETS® Data Manager and other ways you can receive GRE scores.

Using Scores

Review guidelines and other information to ensure that your institution uses GRE scores appropriately and effectively.

Score Interpretation Resources

Find interpretive data, score comparison tools and other resources to assist you in using scores.