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GRE® Research


Supporting validity and fairness

Since its introduction 70+ years ago, external and internal researchers have studied the GRE® test to:

  • ensure its efficacy and validity for admissions to master’s, MBA, PhD and JD programs
  • ensure the test is fair to all test takers and that it doesn’t disadvantage any particular group
  • continue to evolve what the test measures, its question types and how it’s delivered

Decades of Research at Your Fingertips

Access the newest research and the seminal studies that influenced later works. 

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The Research Foundation for the GRE® revised General Test: A Compendium of Studies

A comprehensive collection of the extensive research efforts and other activities that led to the successful launch of the GRE revised General Test in August 2011. Summaries of nearly a decade of research as well as previously unreleased information about the revised test cover a variety of topics, including the rationale for revising the test, the development process, test design, score scales, automated scoring, validity, fairness and accessibility.

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A Comprehensive Meta-Analysis of the Predictive Validity of the Graduate Record Examinations®: Implications for Graduate Student Selection and Performance

A meta-analysis of 82,659 graduate students concluded that the GRE and undergraduate GPA are generalizably valid predictors of graduate grade point average, 1st-year graduate grade point average, comprehensive examination scores, publication citation counts, and faculty ratings. GRE correlations with degree attainment and research productivity were consistently positive.

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comprehensive meta analysis of the predictive validity

CGS/GRE Survey of Graduate Enrollment and Degrees

ETS Global Higher Education and CGS jointly sponsor an annual survey of graduate enrollment, applications and degrees awarded to improve the availability of data on graduate education.